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In recent years, the cooperation between academia and industry has become more and more intensive with a focus on new developments and enhancements of products and services for economy. Institutional structures with inflexible organization are often not able to undertake quickly and in a cost-conscious manner single and/or complex tasks in de-velopment. New approaches characterized by high velocity of reaction as well as flexible sharing of the responsibilities enable us to generate comprehensive connections with partners in industry. Our ability to have all time human and tangible resources at hand gives our industrial partners the possibility to minimize development costs and source out some fields of activities.

The herein mentioned services represent only a small part of the package that we offer. In cooperation with the firm elastoFEM GmbH, we organize projects with many other institutes of the RWTH Aachen University. Thereby, the whole range of competences available at our excellent university is at our disposal. Here, we only try to exemplify the mixture of services, research and consulting at this point.


Material testing

Strain measurement through grayscale analysis of a plate with a hole under tension Copyright: © KM

For studies of elastomer and rubber parts as wells classical engineering materials like for example steel we have an own testing laboratory at our disposal. Here, mechanical test under the velocity up to 2000mm/min and the maximal force of 10kN can be accomplished within a relatively short time. The deformation of samples is extremely accurately measured by the modern optical measurement system ARAMIS. By means of the climate chamber different tests under temperatures between -80 °C and +250 °C are possible. Moreover, we can utilize comprehensive experimental facilities of our partner institutes at the RWTH Aachen University. Among others, these are destructive and non-destructive experimental procedures, material analysis methods.

Destructive experimental procedures

  • Axial and biaxial tension tests (quasi static and dynamic)
  • Notch impact bending test
  • Creep, fatigue and vibration strength tests

Non-Destructive experimental procedures

  • Penetrant testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Testing on X-ray diffractometer

Material analysis

  • Infrared spectroscopy
  • Dynamic differential scanning calorimetry
  • Metallographic studies (metallography)
  • Failure analysis
  • Strength analysis
  • Chemical and physical analysis
  • Microscopy (stereomicroscopy and scanning electron microscope)

If the test procedure you are looking for is not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us. We can much more!

  Squeeze flow Simulation Copyright: © KM

Many modern materials are characterized by highly nonlinear behavior, direction dependent response (anisotropy) or by various inelastic effects and cannot thus be described by classical constitutive laws as for example Hooke's law. For simulation of such materials, special material models are required which can capture all these phenomena and demonstrate good agreement with experimental data. This concerns in particular

  • carbon black or silica reinforced rubbers
  • synthetic materials (plastics)
  • textile structures
  • fiber reinforced elastomers (rubber hoses, conveyor belts and others)
  • biological tissues (muscles, skin and others)

Material models we develop

  • are verified in comparison to experimental data,
  • take various inelastic effects into account like for example plasticity, visco-plasticity, non-linear preconditioning, hysteresis, damage, Mullins effect and
  • are implemented into the commercial Finite-Element-Codes.

Finite-Element-Analysis and simulation of structural components

FEM Simulation of the double dome tests Copyright: © KM

Successful and reliable simulations, particularly in the non-linear domain require comprehensive know-how. Furthermore, the significance of the calculation results depends to a large extent on the quality of the material model. These are exactly the issues, where our services and consulting for enterprises apply. This concerns in particular

  • Calculation of stress and strain fields for components and assemblies in consideration of nonlinear material behavior
  • Advisory service for the choice of adequate finite element formulations, 2D/3D, volume, shell, composite and incompressible elements
  • Optimization of components to reduce material stress or to achieve certain desired force-deformation characteristics (for example spring elements, door seals or membranes)
  • Modal analysis
  • Modeling of contact
  • Heat transfer and thermal expansion
  • Creep modeling

Most plastic and rubber parts are relatively cheap in manufacture but can cause considerable damage and necessitate significant repair costs when broken. This is, for example, the case for several oil and water seals (o-rings) which are extensively applied in mechanical and structural engineering. In this context, strength and life-time prediction play an important role. Many manufacturers are also required to guarantee a certain life-time of their products under various environmental influences (active oxygen, temperature, saltwater, sewage water, lubricants and others). In order to evaluate the life-time, we first design a special experimental procedure applicable to this purpose. Natural aging is accelerated by increasing the temperature of the specimen under testing. The life-time is then evaluated on the basis of the experimental data and by means of special aging models.


Further services

​Moreover, we offer you

  • Exclusive research for your business within a research and development project or framework agreement
  • Research for your business within publicly funded projects (on state, federal or European union level)
  • Training and seminars in the fields of material modeling and tensor algebra

Furthermore, at any time it is possible to offer solutions for individual demands or to highlight solution approaches. Our collaboration with worldwide operating academic networks enables us always to offer the safest and most stable tech-nology.


Our references

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  • TMD-Friction
  • EcoClean
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